Flint River Ranch

is dedicated to the holistic wellbeing of your pets.

It is our belief that your pets have the ability to heal themselves of common metabolic and nutritional deficienci

es when presented with proper nutrition and a superior method of delivery of the necessary nutrition. Flint River Ranch formulas are developed keeping this belief in mind as the foundation of our Company so we stay focused on formulas and products for your pets’ health and happiness.

All Flint River Ranch formulas are developed with a combination of clean human-grade meats, healthy carbohydrates, supplemental vitamins & minerals and beneficial herbs. Flint River Ranch has never added chemical preservatives, Chinese or GMO ingredients, nor will we ever seek to.

Our innovative oven-baking process uses computer controlled ovens to bake our line of canine products and treats thereby insuring that your pet will receive the necessary nutrition in an easy-to-digest and satisfyingly tasty and nutritionally complete meal. Our feline formula is made with the same care and belief to provide your cat with a diet to enhance its nutritional foundation.

Our Commitment to You:

Since 1993, Flint River Ranch has been committed to providing you with the highest standard of excellence in product quality, palatability and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on making holistic, natural pet foods using the freshest & finest ingredients available. We have made our formulas to exceed the nutrient guidelines established by the AAFCO in the process and therefore helping your pets to holistically maintain optimum health!

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