About Flint River Ranch

Flint River Ranch started in 1993 when Jim Flint put his name on a company he believed in.  Jim, a passionate pet owner who wanted the best for his companion, was dissatisfied with the foods available at the time for pets. So he set out to make his own, and turned his entrepreneurial spirit and background in business into a successful venture that continues to excel. His vision was ahead of its time then, and the family-owned company he created with it is more relevant today than ever.

Jim’s main mission from the beginning was to create the finest cat and dog food possible to provide a diet that would not only taste good, but would provide the essential ingredients for a long and healthy life.

To achieve his goal he used his family’s fifty years of business experience, and collected the wisdom, advice, insights, and contributions of many industry experts to identify quality ingredients and develop new and unique manufacturing processes. These advisors included the very best nutritionists, industry consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, and veterinary talents that he could find. Their collective efforts have made Flint River Ranch a recognized industry leader specializing in the oven-baking production of all-natural canine & feline formulas.

Armed with the right product line, Jim’s second goal was to take advantage of dynamic changes occurring in the marketplace in the way that people were purchasing products. Through the popularity of home-delivery, he noticed that customers were increasingly saving time in their lives by shopping from the comfort of their own homes. Jim made sure that all Flint River Ranch products could be ordered online and delivered fresh from the company’s ovens to everyone’s door. This is why Flint River Ranch’s products will never be available in grocery outlets or pet superstores where they would linger and grow stale.

And talking of formulas, while other dog food companies are constantly adjusting and changing their recipes to keep up with the times, Flint River Ranch’s have remained the same because Jim got it right from the start. However, Flint River Ranch continues to look to add new varieties to cater for different pet needs and we’re certain we have one that’s just right for your dog or cat.

Please read more about how our food is made and why Flint River Ranch is so unique, and then check our online store to order the formula that best suits your pets.  Thank you for taking the first step towards keeping your family companions happy, healthy and safe!

Flint River Ranch – you’ll feel good about what you feed!

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