FAQ’s for Cats

What is the pH factor of cat food?

Flint River Ranch’s cat food pH factor is guaranteed to be below 6.4 as fed.

How much should I feed my cat?

Flint River Ranch believes that cat food should not be left out in the dish all day. Your cat should be looking for food when the next meal is due. Teach them to eat at meal times. They can be fed twice a day, and the amount eaten in 15-20 minutes is about the amount they should be fed at each meal. The average cat, in general, will eat around a cup of dry kibble per day. Every cat is an individual with different metabolic needs, so this is only a guideline.

Why does my cat stop eating at times?

It is not unusual for cats to refuse their regular food for several days through out the year. Cats, are carnivores and are meant to eat infrequently and fast between meals. If your cat has been eating a certain food for a period of time and all of a sudden stops eating, this may be an indication that they are going into a fasting mode. This is not a cause of concern for the first few days. Leave a serving of food in your cat’s bowl and monitor any intact throughout the day. You’ll generally find that the cat returns to eating on its own and with no reason. Always continue to provide fresh water continually throughout this cycle and in daily practice. If the fasting last for more than just a few days, you should consider consulting with your cats primary care giver for further investigation. Keep a record of when the cat last ate and of its daily habits if known.

What is FUS?

Feline Urinary Syndrome or F.U.S is the name given to a group of symptoms that occur in the cat secondary to inflammation, irritation, and/or obstruction of the lower urinary tract (urinary bladder, urethra, and penile urethra). A cat with FUS can exhibit one, some, or even all of the symptoms. This disease is now known as Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) and may still be referred to as F.U.S. FUS is NOT a specific diagnosis: there are many known and some unknown factors that may cause or contribute to FUS. Any cause resulting in particulate debris in the urine is capable of causing obstruction, especially in a male cat.

Why do we put beet pulp in our cat food and not in our dog food?

We use beet pulp in cat food because cats have a different digestive tract than dogs, and benefit from this fiber source.

How can a cat owner help prevent F.U.S?

Normally, there has to be “something” wrong in the cat’s body for ash and magnesium to cause concerns, however Low Ash and Magnesium are important in the prevention of symptoms if your cat has the predisposition to F.U.S (now called F.L.U.T.D.). Gradually change the cats diet to a more natural food diet over a period of time to allow for the cat to adjust. Flint River Ranch Cat diets have low ash and low Magnesium diets, contain no chemical preservatives to overwork the system, and the quality ingredients are easier for the cat’s body to assimilate. Keep the litter box clean to encourage frequent elimination and keep fresh drinking water (distilled suggested) available at all times.

Is a lower pH more acidic or alkaline?

Acidic. It has been found that the higher the pH (the more alkaline) the greater is the tendency for struvite crystals to form. High quality cat foods help keep the pH in the acidic range, helping to prevent struvite crystals from building up.

What is the taurine level in Flint River Ranch cat food?

Not less than 0.2%

Why is cat food higher in protein then dog food and more expensive?

Cats are more carnivorous than dogs are, and therefore require a diet higher in proteins. At 32% protein level, there is more meat protein in cat food – and meat is a more expensive ingredient than grain, therefore all cat foods are generally more expensive than dogs if they follow the inclination to feed cats as carnivores. Reading and understanding what is in an ingredient list and understand protein levels is important to all pet owners.

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