FAQ’s for Dogs

What is bloat and what can be done about it?

The condition of “bloat” is normally caused by an anomaly in a dog’s digestive structure that causes food to expand in the dog’s system without passing through properly into the intestines. Big dogs who have large chests which are longer than they are wide have the most predispositions to bloat; but Dachshunds also share the risk. Bloat occurs when the stomach twists and doesn’t allow for the passage of food into the digestive tract. This can occur in healthy dogs after a big meal and with a large amount of water intake that expands in the stomach.

Actions to help prevent this are: to feed foods that do not expand easily. Provide smaller meals throughout the day; 2 or more. Minimize water consumption 1 hour before and after a meal. Keep activity levels minimized 1 hour before and after meals. Do not feed your dog a food that has fat within the first 4 ingredients and do not feed your dog from a raised feeder unless approved by your vet.

There is little to no food expansion with Flint River Ranch oven-baked dog food. This can be easily seen if the same amount of extruded food and oven-baked food is placed in separate dishes and water added as is present in the digestive system. The oven-baked kibble will not expand. You’ll normally find that cheaper extruded foods expand to a surprising amount and continue to adsorb water as you add it to the mix.

Food Allergy vs. Intolerance

While it is a commonly-held belief that corn, wheat and other ingredients cause major allergies in dogs, the general population is considered quite low among dermatologists. While food allergies are often diagnosed by professionals, there may be some conflict between what is actually an allergy or an intolerance to an ingredient.

Should I feed my dog vegetables and fruit?

Vegetables are important; however, the amount contained in most commercial foods may have little value other than advertising. Vegetables that can be fed raw include finely grated carrots, zucchini, alfalfa sprouts and parsley. Dogs enjoy whole raw carrots and they help to keep their teeth clean too! Potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes are well tolerated also. Stay away from feeding onions, chocolate, broccoli, and in large amounts, garlic. Some regular feeding of garlic is beneficial…especially to help dissuade mosquitos and other insects. Watch any supplemental oils that you may add to your pets meals. Olive Oil, Grape Seed and Canola Oils are fine, when used in moderate amounts.

What kind of bones are safe to give my dog?

Avoid feeding cooked chicken & turkey, any fish and/or pork bones as they splinter easily and avoid beef rib bones. Beef knuckles and femur bones are great for chewing. Raw bones are preferred over cooked bones. Gently smoked bones work well, if the larger beef varieties. Always monitor your pet when feeding bones or chew treats…some dogs are voracious chewers and defensive of their treats. They may gulp or swallow remnants if they think that they’re about to lose them. Not a good situation to have to deal with.

Why does Flint River Ranch oven-bake its dog foods?

Oven-baked kibbles are easily digested and are more palatable than extruded formulas. Our Flint River Ranch canine formulas are slowly oven-baked under carefully controlled conditions and multiple temperature zones. In our oven-baking process, we use two different types of kibbles. One is a preformed “nugget” shape; about 1/4 x 3/4″. The other is a 2 X 2″ wafer that is preformed into a variety of shapes. Both kibbles are easily digested and the nutrients absorbed into the dog’s system, even if the dog does not thoroughly chew the food. The crunchy exterior of our kibbles helps to scrap tartar off of teeth, as well as make a very palatable formula. After all, would you rather have your meal oven-baked or quickly steamed?

Is oven-baked food more digestible?

Oven-baked food is concentrated and measures about 121 grams/cup – compared to most extruded foods of 90-95 grams per cup. Therefore, with one cup feeding you receive 25% more food in a cup of oven-baked product. The oven-baking also helps to act as a “pre-digest” of the proteins and carbohydrates, making the formula 95% digestible, compared with around 80% with many commercial dog foods.

Does natural foods cause bladder stones?

Statements that natural pet food diets causes bladder stones in a short period of time is contrary to the findings of industry pet nutritionists, researchers, consultants and the hundreds of published professionals in the pet care industry.  All natural diets, like Flint River Ranch’s have a cleansing effect on the digestive system when first introduced. Stones & crystals that may have been stable for years can possibly be loosened and dislodged by this cleansing process. Given time and proper all natural diets, animals may heal themselves of this issue. Proper monitoring by your pet’s health care professional is always supported.

Flint River Ranch highly suggests providing filtered water at all times for your pets; as this helps to eliminate the minerals & chemicals that are found in city processed tap water. We also suggest that the use of filtered water be used for cats and those pets predisposed to stones and crystals.

What is the ratio of brown to white rice?

Dog: 50/50 Senior: 60/40 LMR: 60/40

What is the difference between senior and plus?

The Flint River Ranch Senior PLUS has a maintenance amount of GAG’s and Chondroitin in the formula to help promote healthy joints in your senior dog and those predisposed to joint issues. It is not intended to prevent or cure any joint damage or genetic conditions.

What are the different types of treats?

Our Original bone-shaped dog treats and various “Select Brand” wafer treats with varieties of chicken, lamb and fish proteins. We also have the Original Jubilee Wafer treats that have added Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfates in them for joint issues and senior dogs!

Which dog food is considered the most non-allergic?

Our Lamb, Millet & Rice is for dogs that are allergic to chicken or wheat. We have also presented our Fish N’ Chips recipe as another alternative protein source.

Are your dog treats healthy?

Yes, our Signature Brand treats are healthy & natural and won’t upset your dog’s stomach.  They will help keep teeth cleaner because of their oven-baked crunchiness. Our treats are not only healthy but since they are made on the same formula foundation as our nutritional formulas…they are as nutritious as our food!   These are not just an empty treat, but a healthy snack!

What is Millet?

Millet is a type of grass grain that is used as a superior carbohydrate source. It is very easy to digest.

What is the difference between Senior Plus formula and Adult/Kibble?

There is 1/3 less protein and fat in the Senior PLUS Formula. It is best to feed this food to overweight and lethargic dogs, or ones with joint issues.

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