FAQ’s for Process

What to do for loose stools in puppies and adult dogs?

From time to time- over the years- we have had a few inquiries on puppy diarrhea. Our foods being natural from quality ingredients—and oven-baked, are generally easier on a pet’s digestive system. Some loose stool may occur when first changing over to a new food. Watch what other treats you are giving your dog as well. Just like with people, any number of things can cause loose stool.

Why does Flint River Ranch produce a “nugget”, bite-sized dog food also?

Our Nugget is a little over 1/4 x 1/4 square in shape. It is presented in the same dog formula as our Original Dog Kibble and also used in our Fish & Potato formula. Some pet owners feel the nugget shape is better for the dogs teeth and gums and while they like the more uniform shape, you may still have broken pieces. The Nugget shape is oven-baked and is beneficial for most dogs of regular and large size. It is not recommended for toy or small dogs.

Product shelf-life

Production runs are weekly and product is delivered to Distribution warehouses within 3 days to a few weeks of manufacture. Our overall inventory turns 3 times a month – which means that it has been manufactured 7-8 days on the West coast and 16 days when reaching the East coast. It is almost too fresh to feed. Our formulas feed much better when they are at least 30 days old and has had a chance to age a bit. When properly stored, our products can be fed for about 12-14 months. Six months after the “Best Use By” date, the product value declines as more air tends to over oxidize our formulas and make them stale. So, our formulas can continue to be fed with confidence another 4 to 6 months from this date provided that adequate storage methods are used and extremes in temperature and humidity are avoided.


The heat in our pet food manufacturing process destroys any potential insect eggs that might be left after the cleaning process. All product travels through stainless steel tubes and runs to a enclosed hopper and immediately sealed in the bag. Food not properly stored after purchase, or when the bag is left open will attract all types of ants, flying bugs and insects that lay eggs in the rich food. In an extremely short time these eggs turn into worms and moths. Bug and insect attraction is greatly increased with warmer summer weather and high humidity when stored in a garage or outside shed. This problem appears in all pet foods; however, it is more frequent in natural pet foods as they normally do not use chemical preservatives which may repel most insects. Pet owners with a known insect challenge should consider changing the location of pet food storage frequently.

All pet food should be stored in their original product bags, a dry, cool place and sealed to reduce the chance of insect infestation.  We ask that you always keep your Flint River Ranch products in their original bag or box.  These bags have our LOT coding on them and it may be needed to process your return.  These bags are also manufacture to hold and store our food, we cannot guarantee the freshness of our products if they are not kept in their original product bag when received.


Dry pet foods attract moisture quickly, especially our oven-baked formulas, which can turn into mildew spoilage overnight in the summer weather and high humidity areas.  Always store all pet foods in a dry, cool place, away from temperature and humidity extremes.  We ask that you always keep your Flint River Ranch products in their original bag or box.  These bags have our LOT coding on them and it may be needed to process your return.  These bags are also manufacture to hold and store our food, we cannot guarantee the freshness of our products if they are not kept in their original product bag when received.


Return product within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, minus shipping and handling charge from original shipment. Please contact Flint River Ranch directly for returns past the 30 day mark. If the return is due to our error, we pay the return shipping charges. If the product is returned by the customer, we issue full credit of the purchase price. If the product is refused, customer moved and the product cannot be delivered, we deduct the return shipping charges before issuing credit.  We ask that you always keep your Flint River Ranch products in their original bag or box.  These bags have our LOT coding on them and it may be needed to process your return.  These bags are also manufacture to hold and store our food, we cannot guarantee the freshness of our products if they are not kept in their original product bag when received.


Due to the fact we have Distributors in all states, we must collect sales tax. Any individual or company that will provide a brief signed statement that they will be responsible for their own sales taxes, or provide a copy of a resale tax certificate, will not be charged sales tax for their purchases or purchases within their immediate state.


Orders cannot be cancelled after they have been shipped. Customer assumes responsibility for freight costs of shipments refused and returns. Shipments sent to address on the order form or the current address on our computer files. Customer assumes responsibility to keep shipping address current.


Over the years we have shipped by various parcel carriers, including the U.S. Post Office. With all services there are the usual percentages of delayed, lost and damaged packages. Currently, we only ship by United Parcel Service and for these reasons: packages are picked up a minimum of three times daily – we are on-line with the UPS computer for a daily shipping log and immediate tracking of packages – representatives are available 24 hours a day for special challenges – they have a dedicated concern that packages arrive safe and on-time – they settle claims promptly – and they provide us lowest shipping cost.

Alaska, Hawaii and International shipping

We cannot easily ship to Alaska or Hawaii. There are extreme shipping, handling and document costs that are to be paid; in addition to the cost of our products, by the customer. In most cases, shipments are made by air and the freight costs run between 200% and 500% of the product price.

All orders must be paid via US certified funds and funding must clear before shipment is released. We regret the added difficulty but it’s just very tough and expensive to ship outside of the Continental US.

Flint River Ranch does not ship individual retail orders to International addresses. If an overseas or Canadian shipment is desired, it is more cost effective for the customer to find a freight consolidator and arrange for us to send the order to that handling company. They in turn can then make the arrangements to ship the order to the overseas address.


Allow plenty of time for scheduled delivery. While the freight carrier does their very best to insure prompt delivery of all boxes, sometimes shipments are lost or delayed. If you feel a shipment has been delayed or lost, look to your notice of shipment and track via your tracking number. Or you are welcome to contact us by email at tracking@frrco.com or you can call our 800 #. If you reach our voice mail or send an email, please leave your full name, day-time phone, and date of order, your FRR 4-digit number and request for a trace. 1. If UPS advises they have the shipment order on the way, no action is taken. No call-back. 2. If UPS advises they cannot locate the shipment, we will replace and ship a new order. You will receive a call-back and we will handle the claim with UPS. 3. If we have no record of receiving the order, we will contact you for further clarification.

I’ve received a damaged shipment…

AT DELIVERY:  If you receive a shipment that is noticeably damaged: (1) refuse the shipment if the UPS driver is still there and have it returned to Flint River Ranch for replacement, (2) if the shipment is left at your home while you were out, call UPS @ 800-742-5877 and at the prompt ask for an operator.  Advise the UPS operator that you are refusing the shipment because of damage and they will come pick it up. Next you need to contact us at orders@frrco.com and let us know of the damage, our FRR invoice #, any UPS tracking information and your refusal to accept the order.  We will replace all damaged product and handle the UPS claim thereafter.

UPON OPENING:  If you note something wrong with the product when FIRST opened, report the issue to us at orders@frrco.com and let us know of the damage.  We will see that your order is replaced.

Where is Flint River Ranch food made?

Flint River Ranch is a privately owned company, however, for the past 23 years we have used the Central Garden & Pet Corporation production plant in Irwindale, CA to process our foods.  They prepare, cook and box up our orders  We provide the formulas, ingredients and buy the production time.  Any specific questions about ingredients, formulas production methods and testing procedures developed by Flint River Ranch products should be sent to us via email and they will be answered.  The sources of supply for our food, formula development, production methods, ingredients and other products is proprietary information and is only available to state and federal regulatory agencies, not to any competitors, industry personnel or the public.   We have always used and continue to use only US sourced ingredients and supplies.  We have never used products from China.

Do we deliver on Saturdays?

At this time our standard delivery is only by UPS ground service. Customers can request and pay for overnight or second day service with Saturday delivery if they need to expedite their delivery.  Some orders that end up being passed over to the USPS may deliver on Saturdays as per normal USPS delivery routes occur.

How is your food packaged?

Flint River Ranch food comes in a special 3 layer paper and food grade plastic bags. We ask that you always keep your Flint River Ranch product in its original bag or container and once empty, dispose of the bag then.  We need the LOT code off of any bag or box incase of a return or product issue.

Our bags are then packed within a box for delivery to our customers. All biscuits, wafers and bones are packed and placed in a box. All secondary items are handled as needed to expedite their shipping to our customer.

What is the shipping process?

Flint River Ranch ships from several regions across the U.S. This allows us to provide customers with the freshest product available in addition to distributing our products more efficiently. Normal shipping periods are from 3 to 7 business days. On occasion, however, Flint River Ranch may need to ship from a region that does not normally provide service to your customer. This could possibly lengthen the normal shipping period. Also, orders placed on Thursday and Fridays may not be handled by UPS until the following Monday which, again, could lead to longer delivery periods.


Please note: Larger quantity food orders will be sent in increments of 20 lb bags. (Ex. 40lb order will be sent in two 20lb bags)

What is the difference between oven-baked foods and other methods of cooking pet foods?

The baking process acts as a “pre-digest” of the kibble food by changing the molecules of raw starches into easy to digest dextrines. The result is less strain on the dog’s digestive system and a greater degree of food absorption.  There have been many advances in pet food production, but for dry, shelf-stable pet foods, oven baking still creates a more nutrient dense product.

Why are oven-baked foods more concentrated?

Since our food is concentrated, there is more value with less food consumed. Feeding our oven-baked food requires 20 to 25% less to feed then steam-extruded product. Pet owners will find fewer odors and less prolific stools with our food.

What is the definition of hypoallergenic?

Having a decreased tendency to provoke an allergic reaction

What is so unique with our kibbles?

Of an oven-baked product, this is in part what determines the premium quality that is easily digested by your dog.  Each bag of the kibble will have a wide range of sizes from very small to 1/2 inch in size. Our “nugget” shape will be more uniform shapes but just as digestible and as palatable as our kibbles.  Oven-baked Kibbles are naturally more nutrient dense than some extruded food products.  Our food scores in the high 90’s for digestibility and palatability, while most extruded food is in the low to mid 80’s on a scale of 100.

What is Flint River Ranch’s suggestion for fat cats & overweight dogs?

Humans and pets both have to push away from the table. We find many pet owners still feeding the amount of food they formally fed on lesser nutritious and dense foods. With premium foods it is best to feed 25% less than you may normally think to feed. Pets, like humans, require a little adjustment over a period of time to shrink the stomach and reduce their food intake. During this period of change add vegetables of all types -carrots, celery, and green beans are a few vegetables your pet will enjoy. These are also great for your pet’s health along with good brisk walks to encourage health and exercise.

What should I do about soft stools?

As premium food is very rich and has little in the way of useless fillers – during the change to a premium food some pets may have a softer stool. This is why we recommend mixing Flint River Ranch foods with the pet’s usual food for at least week or so – to reduce the chance of a soft stool. A premium food will start cleaning the pet’s digestive tract rather than just passing through the system. In time you will have a firmer, much smaller stool. However, no pet should ever have to “force” out their stools. Plainly speaking we look for “warm, soft steamers”. Your pet should be able to simply squat and expel their waste. Many manufactures use ingredients to virtually guarantee a hard stool for the consumer?s satisfaction. This is for ease of assimilation and switching over of different formulas. Flint River Ranch does not subscribe to this practice…therefore you may be confronted with a softer stool than from previous diets. Watch the intake of food, insure plenty of fresh water (preferably filtered) and allow enough time to properly switch over and assimilation of the new formulas. If loose stools continue past a few days or beyond a week, please consult your pet health care professional.

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