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What should I do about soft stools?

As premium food is very rich and has little in the way of useless fillers – during the change to a premium food some pets may have a softer stool. This is why we recommend mixing Flint River Ranch foods with the pet’s usual food for at least week or so – to reduce the chance of a soft stool. A premium food will start cleaning the pet’s digestive tract rather than just passing through the system. In time you will have a firmer, much smaller stool. However, no pet should ever have to “force” out their stools. Plainly speaking we look for “warm, soft steamers”. Your pet should be able to simply squat and expel their waste. Many manufactures use ingredients to virtually guarantee a hard stool for the consumer?s satisfaction. This is for ease of assimilation and switching over of different formulas. Flint River Ranch does not subscribe to this practice…therefore you may be confronted with a softer stool than from previous diets. Watch the intake of food, insure plenty of fresh water (preferably filtered) and allow enough time to properly switch over and assimilation of the new formulas. If loose stools continue past a few days or beyond a week, please consult your pet health care professional.

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