Our Unique Process

Why Oven-baked Dog Food?

Oven-baked dog food A dog’s intestinal tract is short; it functions in the most efficient manner when their food is concentrated and can be quickly assimilated. Flint River Ranch Wholesome Premium Canine Formulas are slowly oven-baked under carefully controlled conditions and optimum temperatures to address your dogs’ unique nutritional needs. Our unique baking process converts the hard-to-digest raw starches into easy-to-digest dextrins. Acting as a pre-digest, our oven-baking process benefits your dogs in less strain on their digestive system and produces a greater degree of nutritional absorption.

Our unique oven-baked technology allows the important vitamins, minerals and proteins to be easily absorbed through your dog’s digestive system. Any company can just mix ingredients and make a pet food. Along with quality ingredients, our strength is in the total preparation and cooking process. This is one of many reasons other manufacturers can not easily duplicate the results of our formulas or our unique oven-baking processes.

Our Oven-Baking Process!

In our oven baked process, 2″ wafers, bone treats, kibbles and nuggets are formed & molded and then placed onto a moving rack moving slowly through a 10 zone computer-controlled oven. These kibble molds are then broken into small irregular-shaped kibbles ranging in size from fine morsels to about a 1/2 inch kibble. The large and small kibbles provide nutritional benefits and are both working together to enhance your pet’s health in different ways. The smaller morsels are very important because they digest quickly in the dog’s body delivering nutritional vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy amino acids and fats to your pet’s system faster for immediate health and energy benefits. As dogs do not chew their meal, they tend to “wolf it down,” the larger crunchy kibbles and nuggets will assist to clean teeth, exercise gums and freshen your dogs breath. Just one more aspect that makes our formulas so great!

Color and Feel of our Food!

Kibble – Click to View

Nuggets – Click to View

Oven-baked food is close to food in natural production; so it will have various shades of colors from the soft light tan to heavy brown, crunchy outside. Like other things in our world, the color of our kibbles will vary from time to time as we don’t use any coloring agents, but be assured that the same great taste and wholesome ingredients are always consistent.

No oils or other flavor-enhancement ingredients are sprayed on our foods to encourage your pets to eat…we don’t need to! We encourage you to run your hands through a fresh bag when you get it. You won’t come away with greasy hands! Your pets will taste the wholesome goodness of our formulas with each and every bite!

Digestibility and Palatability

Because of our ingredients and oven-baking process, Flint River Ranch canine formulas score in the mid 90’s for digestibility and palatability. Generally, most commercially extruded food is in the low to mid 80’s on a scale of 100. This means our wholesome ingredients get into your pet’s system faster, providing healthy benefits quickly and more completely, and you feed your pet less food to get equal nutritional value.

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